The Artwork


Our office features an ongoing exhibition of original artwork created by Drs. Brian and Jennifer Thornton.  Both Brian and Jennifer Thornton create much of the artwork that can be found in the hallways and treatment rooms of the Poulsbo Dental Center.    The collection changes seasonally as pieces are sold or as new paintings are completed. 

Dr. Brian Thornton paints primarily in pastel, often depicting seashore life, landscape and nautical images, as well as an occasional urban scene.   Larger acrylic paintings on canvas have been a recent endeavor and these paintings decorate our principal treatment rooms. 


Ongoing artist display of works by Brian and Jennifer Thornton

“Around the Seashore and Beyond”

Dr. Jennifer Thornton paints primarily in Chinese watercolor.  Her topics of choice often involve floral or animal topics.  Her entry into creating watercolor paintings begun later as she was introduced to artistic techniques by her husband, Dr. Brian Thornton.

We often answer questions as to whether any of the artwork is available for purchase, or if print reproductions are available.  The answer to both is yes.  We have made most of our pieces available for purchase at times, and we do have prints and artcards available - many even at the office.  Feel free to ask how that can be arranged. 

Browse the rack of mounted art prints and cards available near the check out area.  Take some artwork home with you after your appointment!  Or for a gift to someone else!